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Post by Gold Chocobo on Mon Nov 29, 2010 5:01 pm

Myths and Sparkly Things
By: Gold Chocobo
Shonen Ai, HarukaXKantarou

“Youkai and humans can never bond together….it is a bridge that can not be crossed.”


Even though he knew this statement, he knew it was true, he did not believe it. He released Haruka, because he admired him, he wanted to become friends with him. Now, that he learned about Haruka’s real personality, he yearned for something more. He wanted to know Haruka more closely; he had a desire for his smile, his body, his love…Kantarou, was too kind. If he wanted to, with a few words, he could force Haruka to do anything. However, he could never and would never commit such a horrible act towards Haruka.
He looked up at the sky, it was bright outside. Kantarou was seated in his study. He wished he could lay out with Haruka on the roof, watching the sky, absorbing the sun’s warmth. Instead, he was stuck inside. He sighed to himself; he had actually finished a manuscript for Reiko, indicating that he was feeling down. He entered the kitchen taking a cup of tea.
Once it was later in the day, he exited the house, climbing onto the roof. As he suspected, Haruka was resting on the roof, taking in the sunset.
“The sky is really pretty, isn’t it Haruka?” He asked with a smile, taking a seat beside him. Haruka nodded silently, glancing over at him. Kantarou’s eyes seemed to glow and sparkle in the lowered sun. His crimson eyes reflected the colors, making them appear even more beautiful. Kantarou then noticed that Haruka was staring intently into his eyes; a soft redness coated his cheeks as he asked,
“What are you staring at me for?” He was a little surprised when Haruka moved closer to him.
“Your eyes. They’re the most important part of my collection.” Haruka said blankly, referring to his collection of sparkling objects, Haruka then held his chin as he observed them more closely.
“Really?” Kantarou asked, pleasantly surprised. Most people downed him because of his unnatural eye color. He smiled, the statement that Haruka had just made created an extreme happiness on his heart, allowing the heavy weight that had been placed on it earlier dissolve away.
“I don’t lie.” He said in response. His coal, dark eye stared into Kantarou’s, but not coldly. Haruka moved his position so that he was directly in front of his master. What happened next was a blur to Kantarou. Suddenly, Haruka was extremely close, peering warmly and deeply into his eyes. He felt something warm on hi slips and the heartbeat vibrating from Haruka’s body. His eyes grew wide when he learned what was occurring, but they softened quickly.
The sun was beneath the sky; it was cloudy and disgusting now. The setting was nothing romantic,
“You can’t even see the stars out,” Kantarou sighed, “I guess it’s true…it is a bridge that can’t be crossed.” He said with a tone of sadness.
“What is it?”
“Don’t believe such silly myths,” Haruka said passing him a serious glance, taking the smaller hand, “don’t let anything change your heart.” Kantarou blushed and smiled,

I like this one shot a lot…especially the title. (:
Thanks for reading! All reviews are appreciated.
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