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Animarathon 2011!! Empty Animarathon 2011!!

Post by Gold Chocobo on Fri Mar 04, 2011 5:52 pm

Animarthon 2011! March 26!

An annual convention hosted by Anime in Northwest Ohio, the anime club of Bowling Green State University. Animarathon features multiple anime screening rooms, informational panels, video game competitions, dealers, artists,cosplay, and more! Admission is free and is open to the public.

Official Website:


At Animarathon IX, we are having our FIRST guest! It is Doug Walker, aka "That Guy with the Glasses," will be visting us this year at Animarathon IX! You can see his videos here.

Animarathon 2011!! That-Guy-with-the-Glasses


$12 if you want the shirt also.


-Gold Star Anime
-Neon Dragon Art
-Anime Palace
-Anime Fan Zone
-Ohio Kimono
-Strictly Anime
-Seann's Anime & Comics
-Cardz Xtcetera
-Kochira Kawaii
-Gaijin USA
-Art and Table Top Games by Susan Von Camp
-Fast Food Anime
-Asian Invasion
-Freakin' Yummy Deserts

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